Wednesday, April 10, 2013

iQuran Lite

Well, I am supposed to do seriius stuffs with my tab, but with soo many free and amusing aps out there, it is getting harder and harder... esp when you downloaded games forbthe kiddies and ended getting addicted yoyrself haha...

Anyway, tonite I am gonna write a review on a bit more serious stuff on my tab... the iQuran lite...

I like it because:-
1. It is conveniet, we bring our smartphone everywhere and it is such a hassle free things rather bring along your hard copy Quran..
2. No need for wuduk or ablution to touch it as its an ap, not a full blown Quran.. thought being in ablution is still the best.. earn extra brownies points..
3. You can check your reading... well, with almost no regular practise, think mot would find their Quran reading skills a bit rusty, with iQuran you can practise your reading. For eah ayat or word, you can preset how many times you want it repeated so that you cab double check n repractise.
4. It is free
5. Once you downloaded the audio, its there.
6. There is translation, so that you know what the heck are you reading,

Other aps I found beneficial for Muslim would be the qiblat direction (easy for those like me whom is always on the go and need to check our qiblah to perform prayers).. ooh and also prayer time.. azan reminder so that you know each time the 5 prayer time per day started.

Wel, that's it for me at the moment. Now, when can I finished my whole book of Quran :)

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