Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Train Track Kerteh - Gambang Nowadays..

Can't sleep so browsing my hp pic snapshots.. Came across this pic of the Petronas train track from Kerteh to Gambang.

Previously built to facilitate logistic of OnG products, if I am not mistaken.. It is just run for a year plus before it was used no more.

Pity isn't it. Would be nice if it could be used for short trip Kerteh - Gambang - Kuantan perhaps?

Here is a portion of the track that is near to our newly recultivated small crop of rubber plantation. Quaint view aint it? Nice for a wedding photoshoot. Here also there lies a sign. Beware of wild animals. Kerteh my hometown, is a modern OnG small town, but had to say we had wild life aplenty.. Wild boars and a while back, a strayed tiger even roam our backyard ;P

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