Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi Jetty

Langkawi welcomes you.

More views of boats and yatches near the jetty area.

A glimpse of the custom check point. To get free duty rate, visitors need to stay about 48 hours on the island. Keep your tickets so that the officers can easily verify. For household items, the limit is those cost RM500 above. For batik, the view differs that a person can only have 3 batiks to those who said 5 are allowed. Anyway, pack these in different bags so that the Custom have an easier time to not tax us, he he...

Also duty shops galore from digital cameras and handphone but mostly Corelle, Visions thingy - things that Malay ladies are crazy about.

Waiting for hubby to get the hired ride.

We got ourselves a Nissan Sentra. Looked good in the outside but in the inside?? Smashed dashboard and very bad tyre alignment but RM80 a day - can't complaint too much.

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