Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Penang - Leisure Bay Condominium

We stayed at Leisure Bay Condo alo- with voucher from a friend - we got a two-bedroom apartment for RM100 - a steal! For me, it is nice, maybe could rate it as three stars but most important is that it is cheap. Usually I need to pay at least RM150 for a room, so I got the inlaws in.. another RM150.00. So, I am happy with the cost savings!

Front view.

Living room - before I fould the lightswitch apparently ha ha..


Master bedroom with Kimi poised to jump up and down on the bed. His fav! We have a king size bed in the master bedroom and two single beds in the second room. In the living room, there's a bed underneath the three seaters sofa and the sofa itself can be slept on. Easily the apartment can accomodate 6 adults.

Restroom - we got two in the apartment.

We slept quite early and only started exploring the beach the next day. The beach on this side is a bit dirty with garbages washes ashore and stray dogs sleeping, but nice nice morning view here.

Nice view depicting progressing of hotels, resorts, condos on Batu Feringgi side of Penang.

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