Saturday, July 26, 2008

Culture - Cak Lem Pong

Caklempong, a small gong melody instrument which comes from the gong family. It is made from bronze, using the mould technique. Caklempong is flourishes among the Malay Minangkabau communities from Negeri Sembilan. Few instruments such as the seruling buluh, salung, rebana and gong play together with Caklempong to accompany the Pencak Silat, Tari Lilin, Randai and Tari Inai performances. Each player holds two caklempong, taking turns to play and create short melodies. Current performance practice divides these into 3 parts, they are Gereteh, playing the melody, Tingkah and Saua(playing the rhythm in homophonic style). Source: www.

p/s I am so very busy this week and next week so can't post much. My Langkawi trip pics haven't been uploaded totally yet.. Still got another 70 per cent he he he... Was soo busy with my MBA - the homeworks and assignment. Have a presentation to deliver on the 30th. I wonder how sometimes when you do not have anything to do .. nothing happens.. but when you are up to your nose in something, along came tonnes and tonnes of thingss...

Oh, got my self a flat screen samsung tv, a fridge and a cooker, can't escapa from cooking anymore!

Oh, nearly forgotten.. got an exam to boot this Friday, yikes!

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