Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi's Mahsuri Tomb

The Cak Lem Pong performance - a tradional Malaysian instruments performance.

Mahsuri Binti Pandak Mayah - Mahsuri, a victim of treachery and jealousy was sentenced to death in 1235 Hijrah or 1819 AD. As she died, she laid a curse on the island "Thre shall be no peace and prosperity on this island for a period of seven generation".

Mahsuri's tomb. When I went here around 2003, the tomb is not as grand as this.

Wan Aishah said to be the seventh descendent of Mahsuri. According to legends, due to her birth then the Mahsuri curse is lifted and Langkawi can enjoy prosperity again. She currently resided in Thailand - the place that Mahsuri's son was taken to after her death. She is said to enhirit Mahsuri's beauty.

The well that Mahsuri used for her everyday errands. I saw some visitors using the water to washed their faces. Maybe to get some of the Mahsuri's beauty secrets he he... Anyway, processed water from the well are also available for sale as thirst quencher.

The well up closed.

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