Thursday, July 10, 2008

University - UiTM (Universiti Teknology Mara) Kampus Dungun Terengganu

I only knew last night that I am accepted as a student for Executive Master of Bussiness Administration at UiTM Dungun campus, what?! I am supposed to start tomorrow and the letter just came yesterday.. thank god that my collegua at HQ KL call and sms me informing me of the offer letter. Yikes! Anyway, thanks Haji Dollah the faci - whom I ask for leeway as I'll be going to Langkawi tomorrow! But I definitely be in the next class next Friday and Saturday..

Hmm.. can I do this? I do not know - my last try was about four years ago in UIA (Univeristi Islam Antarabangsa) in Gombak - dropped due to heavy (really heavy) work commitment. I hope I'll be ok in this one, please GOD!

Lastly, ciao! Will blog again after 4 days - Penang and Langkawi, here I come!


Nana said...

wish u all the best ....make sure u complete the course... and got ur MBA in 2010...

'when a man define things a real, it is real in consequencious' by Thomas & Thomas from book "A Young Black Man in America"

ojah said...

hehe.. lama nye komen ni... x perasan pun.. thanks for the confidence.. times really flies and another 3 months before i finished my EMBA... yahooooo... can't wait :)