Monday, July 23, 2012

Damas Suite and Residence, Sri Hartamas

Gotta be in HQ again for a meeting, so was stationed at Damas Suite this time round. Usually we were given Citrus Hotel, Jalan Tiong Nam.. But apparently Damas gave very good rate for us, and its new to boot (just open around July 2011), I think it would become our new transit point after this.

For govt rate, it was quoted at RM185.. A suite apartment, it was connected to Plaza Damas within walking distance via skybridge. Plaza Damas is quite the shopping mall for the well to do, expatriate communities, so you can find almost everything there from supermarkets, restorants and a new cinema coming up.

I have no qualm about the design, very new and clean and choc a block with amenities, fridge, cooker, iron, tv (of course) even a washing machine for long term stay. They even throw in a fruit basket. As it is suite, in addition to the bed and study table, you would have sofa and dining table.

Hurmm.. Nice.. And I also got a new contact for taxi next time I have to go to KL/Subang/KLIA. Its a lady to boot so definitely a plus point.

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