Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mini Garden Revised

Hurmmm.. We have been busy so not many time denoted to upkeep our garden so weeds is taking over.

As the house is need to a secondary jungle, we were afraid snakes would snuck in. Hubby killed one earlier and we don't want some other to come in, so yesterday afternoon were allocated just to kill the weed. It didn't take long less than an hour, so we are now 90% weed free.

The same for our mini garden portion. If you saw my entry earlier, the two ferns looks nice there, but weed and other plants is taking over, so we changed their position higher.. On the autogate as well as one of the roman stand. Think we just gonna let plain grass there, just a bit of a small hill thingy are going to be dumped there as well perhaps when the time is right, a rock or even a frangipangi night light on top of the small hill. Hmmmm...

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