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What To Buy in Taiwan Part II

Haven't got much to do today, so am going to elaborate more on my Taiwan tripping esp. seeing people stumbling in my blog searching for the exact same phase.

I went to Taipei for a training trip, I was supposed to go to Korea in Oct but I would be on expected maternity then, I would love to swap for Hong Kong but it was held in Sept, also near to my expected maternity date, so last available choice is Taiwan... and I am really glad I made that trip.. so, here goes my post.. hope I can upload as much pics as I could :)

Our first glimpse of Taipei 101.. had to wait a few days cz the weather not so accomodating.. here you can see how Taipei is jam packed with building.. yes, comparing Taiwan's 24 mill population vs Malaysia's 27mill, they only had only 10% of Malaysia land area.. the houses/office building in Taipei is usually natural coloured, not painted like in Malaysia. Also the houses/office buildings are square shape to give them more endurance as Taiwan is a quake prone country. Had my first few experiance of earthquake there. Two while we were touring some of our "formal site".. I thought I was dizzy.. then, at night I had queries on my FB whether we are ok.. the epicenter is far away so although the quake is consider high, we don't really feel anything. The third and most memorable is around 5am in our host house, where we spend the night.. I feel like a baby rocking in a big baby cradle. To and fro, two and fro for a couple of minute. It was a gentle sway, no things falling of the shelfs and such so we were just laying there, bemused and amused :p

First day as well, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.. there are some music performance in the evening the day we visited, but had to miss that.

Queing at the Taipei 101 on the first day.. went there a few times but only had the opp on around the fourth or fifth day :P

The damper or stabilser. At the top of 101, you could also buy a special souvenior called Damper Baby (a miniature of the damper)... At the souvenior shop, I had no idea what it was.. there's one nice one that could jiggy with music :)

Once you exit, you can buy some of Taiwan's special souveniors, jewellery from celcedony, jadeite, coral be it pendent form.. or wildlife etc.

In the lift on top of the 101, being on the one of the fastest lifts in the world is also awesome!

At last, I was at the top of the world at 101.. have to say, if you are searching for fridge magnets (that we all did), it is was better to buy at least an authentic one at 101.. had the usual square fridge magnet for NTD100 (around RM10).. as well as one steel Taipei 101 shape bottle opener (think around RM39.. but its for me, so well worth it)..

Gotta try the speed train.. from Hsinchu to Taipei, just take 30 mins.. It is also the preferred way if you are on a budget and just want to have a peak at the down south tip of Taiwan, Kaohsiung. Have to say, Taiwanese are disciplined pople, not cutting of queing, courtesy to the older people and pregnant ladies (aka me hehe).. Also, its MRT (sama like Malaysia's LRT) is very efficient, you

The Taiwanese currency.. New Taiwan Dollar.. to easy convert, NTD100 = RM10 = 1 purse at the night market.. or 1 101 fridge magnet = 1 pair of slippers also at the night market.. but you gotta look around for it :)

Open gambling at the night market.. this is Shihlin's.

What's interesting is that our hotel replinished our fruit baskets daily and also for my room, we had daily pineapple tarts (which is Taiwan's specialty).. as Malaysian hotels do not or only provide one time per room, we didn't notice this practice until our last few days. What a waste!!!! They also given some interesting Taiwan teas selection - oolonng, rose tea.. I should've put them in the bags so that the hotel would replinished them daily.. and therefore I  do not need to buy any souveniors anymore haha..

Some of the bangles for NTD100... Taiwanese also are into belly dancing as their fitness regime, I didn't buy the bra but got two of the belly dancing cloth belts for my belly dancing fitness regime after maternity hopefully hehehe...

Taiwanese's diet are healthy. You seldom find obese people here as they eat healthily and they use the MRTs most of the time, thus forcing them to spend more time walking around. Here I got to enjoy my first taste of milk fish (don't have it here in Malaysia).. yummy I must say! And they put kinda like fish meatfloss (serunding ikan) on their rice there... that's a bit of Terengganu style of how to eat plain white rice there.. I guess food are universal :)

Some of the local products .. attractively packaged.

Bought the banana there.. inside there's fruit gummies..

A bit elegant souveniors for the bosses .. from the National Museum around NTD 600 above..

Bits of what's available in 7-11 that is available on every corner there. It's different that Malaysia cz in Taiwan, 7-Es has much more to offer, free wifi as well as a small cafe for you to have your snacks or small meals there. I love the mocha coffee one there.. yummy :)

Some of the Malaysian products available in Taipei. Malaysia Boleh!

One of the night markets we visited most of the nights there. Easily accessible from the MRT stops.. but if you got a few friends, car pooling in a taxi might be a cheaper option. Do wear the seat belts though for both front and back passanger else you will be slapped with NTD450 fine.. even the driver would report you in!

Some of the famous product of Taiwan - pineapple tarts and preserved fruits. Didn't buy these cz Muslims are particular on the halal mark. But did try them over there as it is supposed to be vegetarian. Nice and not too sweet.
Lastly, I missed sight seeing to some other places, but overall, I enjoyed my trip there. Don't think I will go there again (but you will never know right??) .. but I do enjoy this trip! Lovely Taiwan! :)

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