Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kampung Laut.. Kota Bharu Uncovered Secret

Today, I have the utmost pleasure to be given the chance to explore Kg. Laut and it think, I would like to share the treasure with you.

Most visitors to Kelantan especially the domestic tourists came for the batik, the food as well as cheap Thailand stuffs so markets such as Pasar Siti Khadijah, Wakaf Che Yeh, Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Kubor are hit places.

However, just a short journey across the river, you would be able to discover bits of culture as well as exploring the origin of Kelantan's cottage industry in food especially the serundings and dodols.

That's what define Kg.Laut. Accessible via road towards Tumpat, why not try the bot penambang (local boat) from Tambatan Diraja (from the map there, just beside Ridel hotel on top), the ride costs only RM1 for adult and 60 cents for kiddies. The ride took a few minutes across the Kelantan river and you would experiance how the older Kelantan folks goes towards downtown Kota Bharu the older way.

Stepping out to the rickety jetty, you would be greeted with a very scrumptious smells which is serunding (beef or chicken floss) being processed. Alongside the river, most of the household there would be striving to produce what Kelantan is well known off.. Serunding Daging. Managed to visit one, and from there I discovered that making serunding is a tedious process and took around 2 days to finished. First, the meat would be boiled for about 8 hours then, it would be fried with the spices for another next 4 hours. Then, the next day, they would undergo small fire frying to ensure they are dried properly without being burnt for another 4-8 hours. Phew, so don't grouse them the bit pricey ness of the serunding as it is definitely worth it. Nearby, there are also small industry making dodol (glutinous sweet sticky concoction) but we haven't got the time to cover it today :P

Afterwards, why don't you turn right from the jetty where sat on the bank of the river, you would see the maker and player of wayang kulit (shadow puppeteers).. He's a friendly guy who wouldn't hesitate giving impromptu wayang kulit performance as well as demonstration of how wayang kulit is made. Why don't you try playing a few round of dialogues between Sita Dewi and Ramayana :) .. Please leave a small donation as ways for the pok (uncle) to buy his way to add on his musical instruments to better his musical performance.

Afterwards, why not take a longer boat ride seeing the natural flora and fauna of Kampung Laut.. The natural nipah plants as well as the rare Kerabu Nipah (Nipah Salad).. We aren't able to tried it out cz apparently we have to book it around a day or two earlier. As it is made from the Nipah flowers which itself is very rare, it is a hidden rare delicacies even Kg.Laut villagers are unable to enjoy most of the time.

We weny further to Pantai Kuda, where there form a natural lagoon. You can see it when you fly in via airplane into Pengkalan Chepa Airport.. The relatively untouched very nice lagoon. It is undeveloped now, but hopefully the village associates are able to conduct small tours.. Visits after 6pm to enjoy the beach turned red via the setting of the sun, prawn and fish netting, smoky bbq nighttime at the lagoon as well as tours to the nearby swampy fireflies areas..

Hurmm.. I weave lyrical description of the place. I see it had excellent potential and I hope the local village association take note as Kg.Laut deserved to be enjoyed by everybody.. Not hidden as well as deriving better economic benefits to the villagers that clearly need it.

Welcome to Kg. Laut :)

P/s: have to take a snap of ketupat ubi kayu (tapioca ketupat) that I had only tasted in Kg.Laut.. The first time ever in my 37 years of life :P

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