Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ramadhan is Here :)

Actually, I always welcome the month of Ramadhan, the 30 days when Muslim around the world would fast from dawn to sunset. It is not only to abstain from hunger and thirst, but on deeper level, it is to teach us humility, compassion to less fortunate, grace and gratitute of what we have, health reason to boot in giving the stomach a much needed rest from the constant food consumption.

I really love Ramadhan, cz I could also diet down a bit :P

But sometimes it is kinda hard to refrain your desire to buy excess food when you are hungry, strolling around at Pasar Ramadhan where most aromatic and delicious food is all around.

Well, I guess I lost that battle with what I bought today, all for myself cz as you might noticed.. I live alone on weekdays..

So, for RM20, I bought..
.. Half a grilled chicken @ RM12
.. Orange juice @ RM2
.. Nasi kerabu without chicken (wanna eat it with the grilled one) @ RM2.50
.. Multicolour jelly pudding @ RM2
.. Bubur Lambuk (porridge) @ RM1

Hehehe.. Well, I would eat half of it as sahur (meal before dawn) tomorrow morning.. So I guess RM20 for two meals ain't that bad :P

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