Saturday, June 14, 2008

Terengganu - Kampung Labohan Terengganu Tea Time Snack

For authentic Terengganu snack, you should stop at this stall right after Kampung Labohan (and about 2km before the Petronas Petroleum Complex). Situated at the roadside, this stall serves Air Tebu (Sugarcane juice), Satar, Pulut Lepa and can also order Keropok Lekor.. yummy...

Satar ingredient before wrapping in banana leaf.

Grilling satar. Yummy smell.

Kimi with air tebu and some pulut lepa (glutanious rice with fish sambal)

Satar up closed - ingreadients are fish, coconot milk, chillies and some flour. The price is also reasonable. For 2 plates of satar and pulut lepa, a plate of keropok lekor and a plate of otak2 and 3 sugarcane juice cost us RM12.60.

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