Saturday, June 28, 2008

Terengganu - Taman Puteri Payung, Bukit Payung

Yippe!! AT long last, I have a house to live. I wasn't too optimistic when I was told by hubby, but when we arrived, we had a pleasent surprise. Thruthfully, this is the best among those we've seen. New, not to big, privacy, and not too far from the office (around 15 km).. Of course my house was occupied before, there's scribbling of small children on the walls, but.. my Kimi's also prone to scribbling on the wall.. ha ha.. so maybe the owner can't penalise me there.

It is cheap - RM300 per month - and after the highway finishes (around 2009).. the area is 2 traffic light away from the Bukit Payung exit. Soo... we are soo satisfied, we paid the 2 months deposit and 1 month rental on the dot... he he he... then maybe on Sunday - house cleaning, hubby can only deliver the furniture on Friday afternoon - Saturday - full house arrangement! Can't wait!

The housing area. Not bad eh? Build in 2003 but with problem having CF (Certificate of Fitness), the housing area was only occupied in 2005, that's why the paint job still look new.

Front view, can see the extenstion of East Coast Highway there. Maybe next my trip from Kuala Terengganu to Kerteh would take less than an hour as opposed to about 1 hr 45 mins now.

Main room - spacious. There's already rails for curtains - so... easy for me. ELectricity and water are already on - no fuss there.

First bedroom - nothing of note except the owner put the Qiblat direction a la hotels usually do.

Master Bedroom Wash closet - not bad.

Kitchen area - smallish - I am a dummy cook - can and never cook serious thing at all - maybe can build up that Kylie Kwong aura a bit - Nigella Lawson's too sultry - can't be her.. ha ha..

3rd bedroom - think I'll made this my second bedroom. The middle bedroom is actually smallest (no pic here) poor lighting.. and small - think I'll make it my walk-in-wardrobe of sort - ironing and prayer room?

2nd toilet - maybe put the washing machine here?

Overgrown lawn.. thank god its not a big lawn, I bet I can do the grass pruning manually - maybe with lawn scissors - maybe I need to ask my mum to supply chilli plants - she got loads at my dad's goat farm - would be handy should I want to cook some chicken flavoured Maggie Noodle.

Still.. the town flat is still on.. just have to wait for the others before we can submit the forms together...

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