Thursday, June 12, 2008

Terengganu - Kerteh's KAPRIMA Goat Project

Right before arrival, construction busily under way for the second phase of the East Coast highway from Kuantan staright to Terengganu. Can see our goat farm from the highway once it is completed.

Going up the goat enclosure. You can see some other goat enclosure on the right. This is an integrated project by the Terengganu government to support the Malaysia national plan in reviving its agriculture industry. Malaysia aims to become a net exporter of meat esp. Halal meat. Currently we are importing meat from countries such as India and Australia.

The grass for the goat. Took about a year for them to be lush and green as now.

Goats up close. My dad's are mostly prime goats some from Jamnapuri but mostly are Boer bred. Now, we got around 90 goats from the 45 goats that we got last year (my dad only started last year).. When the pic was taken, my dad actually sold about 10 young goats to one of our relatives who are keen to start goat farming as well. He sold it around RM450 per goat (cheap as we're selling to relative, the current market price would be RM550 - 600.

My dad feeding the goats with grass (think Napier grass).. shredded and if possible kept in the barrel overnight to make it a bit softer, the goat like it more that way) but usually my dad gave to them fresh. Think he's a bit more wiry and healthy than when he was a policeman (retired last year).

Kimi surrounded by goats. He likes to chase them around.

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