Saturday, June 14, 2008

Terengganu - Santong Road

The Santong road is the access road linking the jungle road Jerangau - Jabor to the main coast road of Kemaman - Kuala Terengganu. Here it links Santong and Paka.
Spooky ain't it. Foggy at 8am. Thruthfully I found this road too spooky to travel at night as it cut across acres of palm oil plantation without many residence in the middle of the road. Hubby is a regular user of this road as he would use it to travel to his kampung (village) in Kuala Berang.

One of his funny experiance is that if he was caught to be using the road at night, he would wait for other motorist to enter in before following them. Once, he waited and waited but no car was around for nearly an hour, so he decided to just go in by himself. It was raining and foggy, but he persevered till one of the junction, he saw a white figure alongside the road. So, being a scarity cat like me, he jam the car and sped home - at unbelievable speed. He confessed later that figure might have been a stone or boulder he he he....

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