Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kuala Lumpur - Pantai Dalam's Auction Apartment

This is the apartment at Pantai Dalam that I'm in JV with one of my colleague. We bid it at RM60k.. At my friend will be leaving for Nairobi for the next 3 years, we'll share the cost as well as profit by renting it first and maybe sell it in 3 years time. Currently the market rate is RM90k .. but should've gone up in 3 years.

Now, I am very interested in getting my share in the lelong (aution market) in Malaysia. My sifu is Mr Shafie of, Link me!

Pie is an employee of Telekom and earning around rm2k month, but by shrewd investment, logical thinking and JVs, he got around 17+ apartment with total investment value of RM700k... and ASB aim to be RM600k by the end of the year. Tabik Sifu!

Front view of the apartment, at least there's only 2 doors for each floor. But at fourth floor, not soo nice to climb.

The main bedroom, the whole apartment measures 685.4 sqm.

Kitchen area. Still spacious, before renovation it was a bit of a horror as there were holes left by the previous owner.

Freshly painted walls. We're thinking of adding sofa set, single bedroom set, tv, washing machine etc. Think for rm650 monthly, that should be ok. Monthly loan payment is about RM350.00. So there still profit.

View from the top, not soo nice as it is a low cost flat area, but still.. near to LRT, lots of RapidKL busses.. near to Telekom Tower and some of the factory area.. still an ideal location for investment. Thinking of renting it to ladies. Ideally they are the less worrisome tenants.

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