Monday, June 16, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi Trip 2007

Hmm.. when I was going tru my pics files, I saw some of the pic I snapped during our trip to Langkawi last year. Posting here as an appetizer cz I am going to Langkawi again in 2 weeks time!!!! Oh, haven't asked for annual leave yet. Have to do that ASAP. Not many pics yet but when I return from the hol next time, I'll put up motherloads of 'em.

The boat trip down. Took about an hour.

At one of the restaurant cum fish pond where we watched the fish freshly caught before being served as dinner... yummy..

In the background is Dataran Langkawi where you can see a huge stature of the helang (eagle).. Langkawi's name is derived by the word Lang... shorterned from Helang or Eagle.

Pic at the top of MAchinchang after the cable car ride. At this moment, clouds were rolling by.. brrrr....

There aren't many things to do at the top except taking pics. However, we did commission a cartoon drawing of Kimi. Cost around RM25.00.

The boat trip back.

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