Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi's Paradise Beach Resort

The view before the entering. We were thinking "what the heck??!!!!"... but actually the usable portion of the apartment is up front, you have to go tru the abandoned apartment before you find the resort. I was having second thoughts but.. for RM100.. it is the best of all deals, usually for a hotel room it is about RM130 (Langkasuka Hotel, which is nearby and nice, I stayed there during my previous trip in 2003... hope the insides is better). Here an apartment for the whole family (5 pax adults and kimi).. what a bargain.

Waiting room for the reception area. Quite comfy.

Corridor to the apartment, spacious and airy.

Master Bedroom. The apartment has another bedroom containing a double bed and a single bed. The living room outside has sofa's that can be easily slept in and also a bed underneath the sofa. Easily it can accomodate 7 adults.

The kitchenette and dining. What I like is that they do not prohibit durians into the resort so we went to the Pasar Malam (Night Market) on Sunday nearby and bought durians in. However, the durian wasn't so nice - as it is being brought in from Perak, the fruits were not fresh and therefore we just ate a few and left the rest to the cleaners.

The combination between nice and not so nice view. However, when the opposite apartments are finished and sold off, we won't have this much privacy i.e. no more the whole pool for ourselves. Overall, we had a great time, swimming in the pool by ourself, nice apartment units, for RM100 a night, I'll definitely come back, besides you will want to go round Langkawi .. not stay in the hotel - unless you are newly wed of course he he he...

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