Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well, have to say that this year monsoon season is fierce.. No wonder when I heard in the news stating that the meteorological dept predicted that the rain this time round would be 60% more than usual.

See the pic there water in front of my house, it has just been 3 days but water had risen since the 1st day. I hope it won't get worse cz if it raised by a few inches more, I am afraid that my house would be flooded as well though it has been safe for the three years plus I have been here.

Tomorrow is my day back to Kerteh, hope everything would be ok for my 3 days weekend (awal muharram is on Sunday :))..

Will take back my old Sportage, certainly a more reliable ride during this wet season esp. if I need to drive trough this watery road.

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