Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Edible Garden

Weekends is here again, and I am back in my home, Kerteh. So this morning, I am monitoring again my edible garden to see their weekly progress.

I am fortunate to have ground compound for things to grow. Well, with a small family and most of them don't like veggies except me.. Buying vegies sometimes resulted in waste (but I use it as organic fertelizer to my decorative plants - just chuck 'em whole into the flowerpots)..

But I digress.. So just see there, I got a few things growing up quite nicely there. A few bird chillies (got it from mum in law).. See! We didn't use any cz there a few of them rotting of the plant).. I use some of it (just by splitting it open and let the seed to the ground).. Some halia (galangal if I am not mistaken).. Just bought a packet of em for a recipe and only using 5%.. So the other I just buried to this plot...

A few bendi (ladyfingers) is also germinating there.. I love bendis.. Bought seed from the Serbajadi brand, was sceptical at first when planting them (had only around 10 seeds in the packet) but the seeds had shown progress just a week after I buried them (very lightly to the earth surface)..

So, I bought another packet of seeds from Serbajadi.. Van Gogh Sunflower.. I love Sunflowers too! Hoping for the same progress too! Wish me luck :)

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