Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tembaga de Crafts - Terengganu Authentic Copper Brassware Manufacturer

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Tembaga de Crafts, a brassware manufacturer in Terengganu.

Brassware crafting is fast becoming a dying Malaysia artcraft today. In Terengganu, the manufacturer that had use 100% traditional way to do brassware aka handmade brassware is Wanisma, nicely located near the Primula Beach Resort, Kuala Terengganu .. I must say it is still the best hotel in downtown Terengganu. Wanisma's brassware are beautiful, no doubt.

Anyway, Tembaga de Craft or TDC is the new way of crafting brassware. With an improve way of preparing the brass cast developed by SIRIM (a Malaysia government agency focusing of quality and standard), about 50% brassware process are able to be improved while the remaining 50% are still handmade.

I quite like their products that lean more towards modern and cute. For example this tepak sireh or beetlenut holder, it is cuter and more compact than the traditional tepak sireh making it a more suitable decoration for modern home. They also do lots of other handicrafts including souvenior items such as letter opener with traditional handle as well as cast of penyu or turtle, the national emblem of Terengganu.

The owner stated that their problem is competition with Thailand who are able to mass produce brass item. I actually able to buy a brass tepak sireh from Pasar Payang (Handicraft Marketay in downtown Terengganu and got it for around RM80.. But authentic Terengganu ones would cost around RM130 or more. But observing TDC's product, I have to say that theirs were more beautiful as well as more findly crafted.

Well, should you like some of the brass items and like to order some authentic Terengganu item, please contact the owner, Mr. Shahril, his email tembaga_decraft_tdc@yahoo.co.uk.

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