Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Kebun saya" - My Orchard

About two years ago me and hubby are fortunate in getting around 1 acres of land nearby our home. We were excited in getting it planted with fruit trees mainly rambutans, durians and papayas.

As most of our project, it is a hangat-hangat tahi ayam or hot while it's new dream.

Here it is currently, the ones with the wooden gate. Well, have to say that a quater of the land had successfully planted with banana trees though with the bushes, you can't see much hahahaha... It is also quite nearby the LPT (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur - East Coast Highway) as you can see from the bridge there.

Anyway, as hubby got another of his parcel of land with RISDA's approval for replanting of rubber tree, we might plant another half acres with rubber trees.

Another quarter - I am thinking of our weekend home.. Just a small chalet style house, been thinking of adding some small wading pool in front for the kiddies. The water we will get free cz it is nearby to a waterfall and most of the water here are sourced from there. So, you can be ensure that the small pool is fresh water.. Freely flowing and cool.. Hmmmm...

Around that chalet, I would planted varieties of fruit trees.. So that we could come round plucking fresh fruit as well for the kiddies to enjoy themselves climbing trees. During the weekends that we won't be in, perhaps just to let it as daily rent for those interested to also enjoy the slow pace of life.

Hubby is always thinking of retiring there, enjoying the simple things in live, for us to just enjoy the serenity.. Rubbertapping as a form of exercise and hobby hahaha :P

Hurmmm.. Anyway, in the meantime it would still remain as bushes. Hope we can realise this dream someday.

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