Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terrapuri Merang

Today I have the good fortune to visit Terrapuri Merang, the owner is Mr. Alex of the reknowed Ping Anchorage Travel Agent of Terengganu. I first read about Terrapuri in MAS's Going Places magazine when I was on flight to London last month. So I am very keen to see with my own eyes the beauty of Terrapuri. What I like most of its feature is its water fountain shown here nearby its pool area. It is actually comprises of floor grinder used in yesteryears. Hahaha.. What a coincidence cz me and hubby was thinking of doing exactly the same thing..

A closer look at the lesung.. had a few of these lying around mom-in-law's house, we were thinking of charting off to make it our own mini water features :)

Terrapuri stems from its owner's passion towards preserving Terengganu old homes. Rather than let it rots down Mr Alex had been purchasing old houses since 18 years ago and then started to think of the niche boutique hotel concept which is how Terrapuri comes to being. It is a bit sad hearing that Malay's do not appreciate their heritage while outside countries such as Germany is keen to getting these heritage treasures and set it up in their museum.. so kudos to Mr. Alex for his initiative!

The bed.. big and comfy.. I think it is best for honeymooners.. there is no TV available in the room but there's one in the community area.. Terrapuri wants you to totally relax without outside distraction and just enjoy the slow pace and beauty of life..

Terrapuri is near to the island of Redang, Perhentian and Lang Tengah.. so if you just want a quick appreciation of simple life, perhaps just stay a day at Terrapuri before going off for the islands, the jetty for the ferry ride is just a few minutes away.

Terrapuri is offering a promotion rate up till March 2012.. so you'll enjoy RM200 off from its usual rate of RM599 till then. Apart from accomodation, Terrapuri are also able to offer Malay Traditional Massage (RM100).. spas.. firefly excursion.. cycling tour to nearby kampungs or villages.. islands hopping.. and lots more... Love to grab these??? Just go to it's official website or for more info :)

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