Monday, November 14, 2011

Polyland Accomodation Wakaf Che Yeh

Today I have a meeting up till lunchtime. Thought it was only for a day before I was notified there's another meeting tomorrow. I don't feel like driving so I am bringing in my clerk to be a driver. Since his allocation is small, so this time I am trying out budget accomodation.. And the best thing is that the hotel I choose, Polyland is righy smack dab in the middle of Wakaf Che Yeh - Kelantan night to wee morning night market hehehe :)

Thruthfully I am getting bored of Riverview KB, for official function it is ok but it is also a bit dull. You know, for two rooms here, we pay around RM156 only (aka RM78 per room).. Heaps cheaper than a room in Riverview (about RM172 single stay).. Well, Riverview have breakfast, and larger room but Polyland is not bad as well.. Cheap if you pay it on your own, Astro.. WIFI.. And round the night shopping..

Hmmm heaven.. So if you want to learn more.. Just go to In the meantime, have to go back to my light read "Rich Dad Poor Dad"... Yeah2.. I am slow in getting it but better late than never eh :)

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