Sunday, October 30, 2011

Johan Perusahaan Batu Permata - Precious Stone Dealer

Last week, just a day before Deepavali I was on the road again. This time to visit five more factory but I am only going to highlight two. Why? Well, I feel sorry for some of these entreprenuers as usually the older generation here, they know their business but not many are IT savvy. So, I would prefer to highlight them in my blog entry so they get the attention they deserved. I have visited these places, and believe me, I won't promote them if I do not believe they deserve it.

Anyway, Mr. Johon is my first highlight cz I believe he is among the few akek stone seller (penjual batu akek) that had graduated into his own akek jewellery store. Here, you can find him operating in one of the units of his local shoplot building in Kampun Bintang, about 10 km away from Setiu town (from Kuala Terengganu direction).

He is a knowledgable fellow, quite young looking considering his age. I thought the small child there with him is his son, but he surprised us stating that the boy is one of his grandchildren. Hehehehe.. supposed dealing with stone with supposedly "supernatural power" give him that young elixer hahaha..

His tool is pretty basic, just using some small machines and manual direction.. therefore you can say it is handmade haha.. Dunno why, during my dealings with overseas buyers, they value anything labelled "handmade" but not here in our own beloved Malaysia. Anyway, please enjoy some of the pics I snapped during my visit.

The man himself, Mr. Johan with the previous lady regent of Kelantan, Tg. Anis. He was always welcomed to display his precious stones and diamond during her reign.

Some of the old tools found at the caves where they usually search for the precious stones, these was found during excavation in the hills of Besut and Setiu. Sometimes, the Terengganu museum also asked to display his collections.

My loot of the day. It is cheappppp!! The purple one is said to have healing property.. amethyst as well as the delima aka red ruby. I had one of these when I was a child, hoping to give it to one of mine, one day.

Some of his collection of precious stone. Those he said with power is the black ones and the speckled ones. Not cute in my opinion but I believe my dad would love this.

Well, if you are interested to get your hand on these authentic chrystal, just call him. Details as follows:-

En. Johan bin Mustaffa
Jalan Pusara, Kampung Bintang
22030, Setiu, Terengganu
HP: 012 - 988 9539 / 013 - 975 9381.

Apart from local permata, he also sell precious stones from nearby countries such as Vietnam and Mynmar. Also availables are keris, antique blades and tools and well as crystal bonsai.

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