Sunday, August 17, 2008

Terengganu - Pantai Telekom Kerteh BBQ

I bet most of Terengganu people would scratch their heads when asked about Pantai Telekom in Kerteh, well.. not to worry folks, that's not the actual name, just to easily pin poin the location of the beach to those not knowing. Situated just after the Petronas Housing Complex (if you are from Kuala Terengganu heading to Kuantan) take a turn to the right after you see the tall Telekom tower. That's the surprised location hubby took me for his co BBQ dinner.

The flocking of Dialog's staff. Loads of food - sandwiches, fried behoon and of course - seafood BBQ... yummy!

Food demolished by the kiddies and womenfolks.. he he he.. top that with seasonale food - duku langsat yummy!

Hmm.. the amber looking develishly pink.. got squid, fishes, prawns, meat, chicken and sausages.. hmmm...

View of the staffs and family from the beach side, can't see much but we are thankful that there is no rain .. hmm.. a miracle cz Kerteh, which is just a few km away is drenched with heavy rain!

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