Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi - Kuah Town - Shopper's Heaven

Chocolate galore... yummy Hersys (I think my spelling is wrong) Touberrone, Choclair, Bounty, Ferraro Rocher.. yummy... still have some of the Rafaello (coconut variety for Ferraro).. yummy...

Visions and Corelle dishes, wasn't so crazy here coz I went crazy last when I cam last December 2007 to Langkawi ha ha ha.. but have to tell you that it is certainly cheap. Cost around RM169 - RM189 to a certain set of Corelle", when I went to Padang Besar Free Zone, Langkawi's is actually heaps cheaper for these kind of items.

Well, I tried trully.. but can't help myself to join in shopping with mum and sis-in-law.. he he he.. they bought spoon and ladles.. I bought those - spoon sets (6 pce) engraved with gold is about RM5.90. Golden handle ladle RM 3.90 (or 3 for RM10).. now after nearly three weeks after Langkawi, I am thinking to myself - what am I doing with soo much spoons.. yikes!

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