Sunday, August 17, 2008

Terengganu - Kemaman's Keropok Lekor

Well, as I said, I love Kemaman's keropok lekor from the Losong ones so here is my favourite keropok lekor stall, it is on the left side, the first stall, not the ones selling otak2 (their's not so bad but I prefer the first stall better).. The stall is located about 3km after the last traffic light from Kemaman side i.e. entrance to INTAN Kemaman, before the gateway (pintu gerbang) of the Pahang state.

The front view of the stall. Apart from the keropok lekor, there are also dried produce from the seafood - mostly keropok keping (sliced fish crackers), dried squid etc...

Keropok lekor being cooked. You can eat it straightaway or fried it first, I like to eat it straightway - better fish taste.

Ladies kneading (getel) the keropok lekor dough.

After the kneading, plops.. the keropok lekor goes staright to the boling water.. mmm...

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