Sunday, August 17, 2008

Restaurant - Mat Binjai

Hmm.. I think I'll create a new session on the restaurant that I enjoy eating in. Well, starting off is Restaurant Mat Binjai - this restaurant serves Terengganu food in its entirety. There are several Mat Binjai Restaurant in Kuala Terengganu with the main one at Jalan Sultan Sulaiman.

More on Mat Binjai, click here!

Actually, I went there to entertain collegues from HQ that is auditing companies for a special grant. So that they can enjoy Terengganu from its food, Mat Binjai is an ideal location. We had turtle eggs, ayam kampung (village chicken? he he he fre-ranged chicken actualy).. fish eggs (roe).. ulam-ulam or Malay salad. Mat Binjai is actually a bit expensive, for 5 persons, we spend about RM65.00.

Turtle egg up close. This is the salted version and cooked. Turtle egg will still be runny eventhough it is cooked, and the usual mode of cooking is by boiling it.

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