Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi's Gunung Machinchang

Race to the bridge. We were so hungry after the cable ride (no breakfast at the apartment) so.. gone round the Machinchang ground for some breakkie.

Kimi's running away from the camera.

The pool with some fishes lazily swimming around.

Kongkang - don't know what is its English name - had a few some years back but my dad released them I think during my wedding day to get some room from their cage site. A slow mover, it is cute. However, it is a protected species and those keeping them unlawfully, maybe fined heavily for keeping them.

The Langkawi's namesake - Helang aka the Eagle. This birdie is quite tame, you can stroke him. The English lady took the opp. to pick him up (a special glove is needed).. from her gmimace, I bet the bird is quite heavy - she's slim anyway.. he he he..

Kimi and his kung fu Panda pose.

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