Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kelantan - Ketereh Small Rubber Holding

A small tribute in the cybrspace for my late grandmother.

This small rubber holding is just besides the Ketereh market. It used to be my grandmother's before it is taken by the bank for auctioning. My mom always feel sad due to this piece of land as it represent the last gift of my mok (that's what we used to called my grandma) to her. The saddest part is also because of the division of land also caused rift between her and her only other sibling i.e. my mom's brother, Ayah Chik who used the land tittle to get money from the bank to build shops lots. Apparently some of the shop lots should be my mom's but eversince Mok past away, the promises was unkept. Though my mom never take up the rent as she believes that her brother would pay up the bank, this was not done. It seems that the money never reaches the bank thus the land tittle now is in the hand of the bank. It has now escalated to 80K (after the interest etc, I remember the shoplots was beuilt when I was a teenager) .. hmm.. see.. money can bring great rifts to families.

The small bridge crossing the river to the small rubber plantation.

The small wakaf in the site of the original wakaf where my late grandmother usually sat for her breaktime from rubber tapping.

Notice for banglo lots for sale. My mum was soo afraid that it would be bank's notice to sell off the land.

Rubber trees, where we usually meet our late grandmother when we go back to kampung (village. Lots of memories, if we could buy off the land again from the bank, we are better off not to. Rifts between families can last forever, so sad..

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