Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family - Kimi aka the revered Son

This section is about my son - Wan Hakimi bin Wan Ahmid or Kimi for short - inspired by Kimi Raikonnan? You betcha. Borned 11th June 2005, he is the perfect complement for me (1st June 1975) and hubby (16th June 1972).. guess we're the Gemini family!

Kimi and his mate - Mickey Mouse, Mickey's ears used to be soo perky but due to frequent washing, it now flops.. hmm I supposes I shouldn't let my son plays with stuffed thingy - i.e. it's girly, but I think he'll outgrown them soon enough.

Kimi and Rambut (hair).. he likes to stroked the orange part i.e. petals of the sunflower before he doze off to la la land. Actually I bought the sunflower way back in 1996.. when I was studying in Australia at the weekend market in Hobart.. how that thing survived until 2005 (nearly 10 years) in pristine condition before Kimi took it as his prized possession... he he he...

Kimi hiding behind the giant strawberry we bought at Cameron Highland.

Big tv for umi aka me, and small tv for Kimi - mostly for his cartoon cds - his absalute fav at the moment is Pocoyo - I dig Pocoyo my self.

From left, Lula the Dog, Patou, Pocoyo, Ellie and the Sleepy Bird.. ha ha ha.. see how vast my knowledge is on Pocoyo.

Kimi and me striked funny poses.. well, I am as chubby as Kimi... aaaghhhh.... I think he looks more like me that his ayah (daddy).. see how springy his hair is, like bouncing my hand on it.. springy..

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