Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi's Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells)

After enjoying our ride at Gunung Machinchang's cable car, we went to Telaga Tujuh (Seven Well) waterfalls which is located just next to the cable car, in fact you can see the waterfall during the cable car ride.

The short road (very steep) which besides it the series of steps to the Telega Tujuh. Met an Arab tourist gesturing at mom in law and saying "She can't go up there" and doing gestures of steep hills with his arms he he he... The Telaga (Well) Tujuh (Seven) is a geological wonder whereas seven wells or rock pools were formed by the cascading freshwaters. The hie would take about half an hour (for faily athletic person). The legend is that seven fairies used to bathe and frolics with their individual private rock pools and therefore caused the water from the wells having healing properties.

Well.. taking the advise from our Arab friend (he he he.. and also excusing ourselves - we are not fit!!) we detour to the more accessible pool by the side - still huffing and puffing.

Going down. Can see mum-in-law at the front, she was keen!

Not bad for an alternative to the Telaga Tujuh.

Bro in law filling up a mineral bottle with the water as per mum-in-law request. Hmmm.. don't know why, must be for something? Healing properties??

Well, I am not really dissapointed when we didn't go up the real Telaga Tujuh because I went there in 2003 (during my fit days) with my mum and younger bro & sis. I was so impressed by my mum who insisted in climbing the long and narrow steps.. huffing and puffing all the way. I am not so impressed as the Telaga is shallow and doesn't really look spectacular. However, that is my view cz some says that even though the well did dry up during the hot seasons... it is nice in some other period... Well, maybe something have changed since then..

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