Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kedah - Langkawi's Gunung Machinchang Cable Ride

Hubby and Kimi posed infront of Gunung Machinchang - can see the cables from here extending to the top of the mountain.

The ticketing boot. For Malaysian resident (have to show the Identity Card for that purpose).. the fee is about RM25 for adults and RM15 for kids 3 - 12 years old.

Open sasame.. he he he.. Kimi was jumping up and down - soo veru excited to enter the cable car cubicle. Mom in law passed the opp - she just stayed at the ground station as she feel phobia in climbing up such a tall mountain in such a tiny cubicle.

The joints between the cable, here the cubicle will shake a bit with some noisy sound - he he he... a traumatic experiance for some...

Kimi and hubby with the green.. green.. forest.

Final destination - there are two stops actually, we skipped the first stop - a few meters before the top one, there you can take a walk and see the beautiful green forest.

Kimi and hubby with clouds rolling by.. brrrr....

Hmm.. how far up we are...

Kimi and me. Guess Kimi's too tired of me snapping up his pis he he he...

Lovely view from the top.

Waiting for the ride down.. huby, kimi, little sis in law and youngest bro in law.

Going down....

Ground at last. The deer and rabbit enclosure to the left.

Souvenior shops right after the point of disembarkement. Can get t-shirts, caps, mugs, keychains and fridge magnet. For me, it is too expensive here. For shirts, can get them elsewhere cheaper.

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