Saturday, August 16, 2008

Study - Management Accounting at UiTM Dungun

The road to UiTM Dungun is very nicely located near the beach with very nice view of the Laut Cina Selatan (South China Sea)....

On my first day, I went here - EMBA House, but nobody were there, take about 30 mins going round asking people where is EMBA being held?!

Finally after numerous wanderings, I discovered that EMBA is being held at a newer UiTM Building, I concur cz the EMBA Building (pic above) is a bit old and rickety - not at all conducive for studying.

My first day in class after nearly 10 years he he he (I graduated in 1997 for B.Commerce from Uni of Tasmania, Australia".. can hear my own brain creaking with its lack of new (and testable) information.

My first EMBA subject - Management Accounting, the book cost me RM70 - when I first received it I was thinking how thin the pages are - must be due savings for cheaper printing cost of the book. I will have to pay RM15,000 for the whole course - will take me 2 years or 4 semester, well.. gotta do it!

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