Saturday, June 18, 2011

Antique Oil Lamp & Scale

Sometimes when I'm back for holiday at hubby's kampung (village), I quite like the old things that my mom's in law amassed. She quite like keeping old stuffs.

For example the oil lamp, I still remember when I was younger, electricity is some part of Malaysia is scarce. So, these oil or kerosene lamp is still used. I remember playing with it at my grandma's - adjusting the wick so that it would be longer for higher flame and brighter room vice versa. Also playing with shadows doing the favourite rabbits and goats.

The other thing hanging there is the scale. This is the smaller one for measuring things. Hubby told me that before they had big ones for weighing rubbers. Interesting!

I never had this at home. Hubby's dad was a sundryshop owner so this kinda thing would be something he got to have.
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