Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peteh Tganu Peteh..

Was driving early morning from Kerteh to Terengganu yesteday when I was overtaken by this car.. Dunno if you can see it from here but actually the guys in the car held two flags there.. The Terengganu flag and a PAS flag..

Made me smile.. U see, Terengganu had won just barely the FA Cup aka the national football premier cup.. I wasn't a football fan myself but am quite amused to see my dad and hubby being quite fanatic about that.. I imagine my two boys will follow their dad steps when they grow up.. Hehe..

As I drove the near 2 hours journey, I saw several more.. A van full of footbal fans.. The Terengganu castle bus - bet it is full with the staffs then a charted bus I supposed with the flags but broken down about 30km from KT.. Hehe..
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