Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tripping to Bintulu Sarawak :)

Am currently waiting for check in at Bintulu Airport - flight in yesterday from KL at 705 and now flying out again around 1850.. Just a quick 2D / 1N trip.. Just accompanying hubby to pick up his bag.. He had to work around 2 months there and very keen to come back home :)

So.. What do we do here? Thank god hubby is here nearly for two months so he can be considered an expert on Bintulu as well..

First thing first.. We have a drive all round Bintulu town - the new town.. Old town.. Tamu area then off to the refinaries as he worked there before..

Then as we love shopping, we went to a supermarket.. Forgot the name but I quite enjoy the Super Save store there.. Lots of China good - practicals as well as quirky.. And cheap to boot.. Bought some hats for the kids (around rm4).. Gardening hat for me and my mannauin (rm5 each :).. Some thingy to stretch my itch rm1.99 :)

We had lunch at one of the coffeshop usually swarmed with the peninsular malaysia's OnG guys.. As hubby said - not nice.. The seafood is fresh but I think the cook might be stingy with the seasoning..

A quick snooze on the beach and off we go to Taman Tumbina (Tumbuhan and Binatang).. Entry is cheap at RM2 for adult and 50 cents for child. It is a small zoo - but we enjoyed watching the hornbills.. Snakes.. Turtles.. And crocodiles.. Really love the highlight of feeding the deers ;)

Feeding the deers..

Dinner - at After 3 with my old friend and her son. Quite ok but as I said - lacked seasoning.. Still the view is amazing - the sunset is breathtaking :)

Off to the next day - woke up late :)

Then off to breakfast - tried the mee kolok.. I am amused to see the noodle is sorta like the maggie mee but maybe blanch with bits of garlic, sawi? and beef.. Then served with sweet soy saue and clear broth of meat.. For me not so bad..

The mee kolok..

Then off to Tamu for the Ikan Terubuk Masin and Belacan Bintulu as u can see for the pics :) .. There's also Gambir Serawak there RM7 for a small piece.. Its traditionally used for treating toothache but more modern use if for prolonging of ahem ahem men's virility..

Then up the step for Mee Udang Galah Tomato at stall no 48.. They serve all type of schrimp noodles from RM4 to our's RM18.. Superb..

The delicious mee udang tomato..

Then again to Supersafe.. And Farley where I bought a handbag at 70% discount hehehe :)

Then after a quick snooze, off to the Airport.. Now still waiting for Air Asia as the flight is late :)

Hmmm I enjoyed my Bintulu trip.. Snapped lotsa pics but have to say posting them tru blackberry is not so optimal :P.. As I only can post a few only hmmm.. Might invest on an ipad or samsung galaxy tab soon enough :)
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