Monday, June 13, 2011

Malaysia Should Be More Plastic Councious

I remembered when I was studying in Tasmania Australia around 15 years ago.. They are already concious about plastic bag damage to the environment.. They used paper bags.. And for 1 - 2 small items, they would frown if I asked for plastic bag when I was newly there..

Fast forward to Malaysia, 15 years later.. We had just implemented no plastic day on Saturday.. Ho yeah.. Go Malaysia.. I do now when I go to Petronas Mesra Shop for small item, declined when offered plastic bags. I hope others do the same.

However, I am quite dissapointed with some attitude of not caring. For example, I just bought an item from a local supermart.. The security girl asked the caashier why she didn't bag my purchase. I had to explain to her a bit. Hope this attitude to change in the future. Go Malaysia! Conserve & Preserve!
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