Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Buy the So-Called Chemically Treated Fresh Flower @ Cameron

During my trip to Cameron, and searching for fresh roses to buy as souveniors .. I was accosted by two flower seller saying that buy these specially chemically treated flowers at RM10 a bunch.. They will last for 5 years..

I was initially feeling very sceptical but as usual, I am usually fall for these type of sweet mount salespersons hahaha my bad :P

Anyway.. Just want to share.. DO NOT BUY THESE.. The salesgirls are liars..

Just look at the picture.. After a day from Cameron, they already looked wilted.. And today after a week, they are worst!

My advise.. Perhaps it is better to buy potted rose bush.. I got one red medium size one for my sister.. After a week, they are blooming so nicely (tips; buy them while their buds aren't open.. The bloom will last longer to enjoy).. Cheers :)
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