Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Yahoo Mail is sending spams!

Was surprised to see a rude email from a contact (I think I just used his email once to send something).. seems like my Yahoo Mail is sending spams..

I thought it was a one off but it seems that it happened again over the weekend..

So.. did some googling.. spamming can be stopped in two easy steps apparently (we shall see)..

1) Do a virus scan on your computer - I had an old version of antivirus software.. hope it suffice..
2) After the virus scan.. go into the infected email account & change the password..

Hmm.. I hate that - my problem is I am using the same email for most things.. haha I know I know.. it shouldn't been done - but I am lazy :)

We'll see after this if these two simple steps works...

p/s 1: Just heard on Bernama.. Zami Ismail - the famous veteren comedianne died of heart attack.. Al Fatihah - been watching his comedies since I was a child.. Semoga Rohnya dicucuri Rahmat ;(
p/s 2: Going to Bintulu this weekend.. Yahooooooooooooo :)

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