Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check in MS Garden Kuantan

Today I am in Kuantan Pahang. Supposedly meeting the OnG team from KL so to justify my earlier sojourn, I visited a bread factory. Must say the bread smells yummy when being cooked :)

So.. For accomodation in Kuantan - I prefer MS Garden. It's in the middle of the town. (Those who like beaches may prefer Swiss Garden instead)..

It has big newly refurbished rooms so very nice.. The big bed.. The flat screen tv.. The sofa sets.. The big bathrooms.. The many channel (compared to some hotels), they also give newpaper (some don't if quoted under govt rate).. As well as wifi.. :)

Oo.. The rate for govt servant is RM203.. Ok la.. I like cz I got to search for the latest Glee dvd in the just across the small streets from the hotel :)

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