Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maggie Tomyam - My Favourite Maggie Mee of All Time

I think all Malaysian loves Maggie Mee (Noodles).. Yes.. It is loaded with MSG.. Supposed to make you bald.. Agent of carcinogen yadda yadda.. But I guess all of us is guilty to use the shortcut of a meal once in awhile.. Just for the ease of it or just the nice delicious steaming bowl of noodles - ready in 2 minutes :)

My favourite all time is the Tom Yam flavour.. As I live alone (family is two hours drive away so I just met them during weekends).. I would sometime eat these at most once a week :)

Maggie Tomyam is simple.. Unlike the plain curry flavour that would be delicious if extra bit of efforts is done - aka fried bit of shallot and meat.. Before the noodle and vegies.. Tomyam is easier..

I would just boil the noodle.. Add the seasoning.. And when its merryily boiling.. Crack an egg into it.. Wait a few second for the egg to quaterly.. Or halfly.. Or fully cooked up to your preference and hey presto.. The meal is ready to serve :)

I love the sourness of the noodles.. The filling of egg.. Yummy yummy.. Thank god I had these last night else I would be cooking it right after I post this entry.. :)

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