Sunday, June 19, 2011

Damn Air Asia Call Centre Line!

I am currently pissed.. am calling to check up status of online booking. No usual line just premium line for Malaysia @ RM 1.95 per mins.

I won't mind so much if the call is picked up immediately but 40 second I had to listen to online promo.. that would be RM1+ to listen to their promo that I had no interest in..

After checking trying to brief as possible.. with them cross checking a few time (I think 1 or two number should be sufficient right? The call with me trying to end as soon as possible at 2 mins 10 second... I think I would be charged for RM6 right.. SO AIR ASIA IS MAKING MONEY OUT OF THIS.. ESP ON THE 40 SECOND OF PROMO.. So Damn You AIR ASIA!

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