Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Malaysian Burgers are Superb

The picture depicts tha Malaysian burger I just had for dinner. It was superb. The best Malaysian burger I ever tasted in in Bukit Payung, Marang, Terengganu - the small town I currently live in.

Believe me, after tasting it, I really no desire for any other burger .. Be it other Malaysian burger, mcD and such..

The Malaysia burger of course consist of the burger pattie and bun. Add to that mixture of dripping chiili sauce, mayonaise, dash of black pepper sauce.. Some back beans, tomato, salad, onion.. Voila! A nice scrumptious Malaysian burger is done - ready for the tummy.

It's organic too if you compared with other big name burgers like mcD, A&W, Burger King etc..

Left overnight, it won't be fresh to be eaten.. If fact you can't eat it at all cz it'll turn bad and soggy.. The branded burgers would be still "edible".. But I think it all the pretend work of preservative..

So.. Go go.. Malaysian Burger.. Yummy for the tummy

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