Thursday, August 18, 2011

Citrus Hotel KL

Hmmm.. Its the time of the year again when I need to go for a refresher meeting in KL. They dictated us what hotel to stay in KL. I was hoping for Quality Hotel as its nearer to Sogo (and I can do some shopping for Hari Raya) but.. Apparently they just hiked the room rate so back to the trusty Citrus Hotel for me.

Citrus Hotel is actually not bad. Just it's location a bit hidden at Jalan Tiong Nam. But it is basically at the back of Wisma Sime Darby, so if you like to walk, LRT.. Chow Kit.. Maju Junction is just a few minutes walk away..

I have seen refurbishment in Citrus sinvce it start open around 2005. So, about 6 years I've been frequenting this hotel. For a 3 star hotel, it earns two thumbs up. During peak seasons, it would be fully booked by tourists from India, China, Indonesian and some west countries one.

Hmmm.. My meeting is 30 mins away, and I am killing my time here, tucked at the many comfy sofa sets at the seminar rooms in my HQ. Hahaha.. Wouldn't want to be to eager to be at the meeting room haha.. Besides I know I'll be one at the first few rows :)

Coming back to HQ reminded me on how much I am losing. Some friends had accepted posts overseas and can't denied I'm a bit jealous.. Not really jealous but resigned and a bit regretful that I am not able to go as well. Going for post means better job promotion, better money.. Better recognition, status, experiance.. Lots of better things..

But.. When the other side is your family (from mom and dad to spouse and kids).. The scale (though barely).. Would still slide towards family and life.. Huhuhu.. What to do lah..

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