Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Home Hotel Kota Damansara

Hehe.. Just came back from our quick trip to KL.. Expressly just to check out our new old car.. The peugeot 306.. Hubby did the test drive as I only know how to drive cars.. Not check or maintain them hahahaha :P

Anyway.. As we basically touch n go in KL.. Arrived around 6 pm then out again early in the morning.. We opted for budget hotel.. This time we tried My Home Budget Hotel..

Main agenda - shopping at IKEA :)

Well, the family&s growing.. A queen bed or king bed is not enough for us anymore.. Sleep is more important for us but money, of course, always a constraint..

Overall, I am satisfied. We pay RM160 for a family room (usual RM140 but we went during the weekends) so they surchaged us abit :(

Anyway.. For breaking fast, they did gave us 4 mineral water and 4 small packet of dates so it's a plus :)

Inside.. They have a lift! Another plus for a family with small children like me.. Lugging Haikal the baby and this pack of milk etc is not good..

Then, they offer free wifi :)
There's a water dispenser for both hot and cold water :)
The decor is nice.. White with some red.. Feel like I'm in Tune Hotel..
The bathroom is nice, no bathtub but the toilet is of quality and spacious.. Not cramped like the one I've stayed before..
The two beds are nice.. Kids love jumping on them :)
Ambiance is nice though we do not have windows in our room :(
There's a flat screen tv.. But reception not so nice :(

Overall, I am still satisfied. For a budget hotel, I give it two thumbs up..

For those interested to learn more, just go to their website I'll definitely go back should I want to cure my IKEA fix :)

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