Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saw Tapirs Yesterday :)

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Yesterday we were late returning from hubby's kampung or village yesterday. We use the newly opened portion of LPT (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur from Bukit Besi to Ajil) which shorted our journey considerably (the distance is similar but the two lanes allow us to speed).

Then we used a short cut using the Felda Ketengah Jaya to avoid the longer Dungun road. I was apprehensive but hubby felt he was to tired to use the longer road.

It was nearly midnight then. Thruthfully I was more apprehensive in seeing "paranormals" hahaha so I kept my eyes peeled and chatter away to keep hubby awake.

Around middle of our journey, we saw two black shape.. We thought it was a hog.. But its bigger.. A buffolo?? But its body two rounded! So.. When we slow to a stop, imagine our delights in seeing a black and while body (like a panda).. But smooth body.. Longish trunk like an elephant.. Wow! We saw a panda couple. Looking at them looking back at us.. I bet they are as confused as us.. They are slow peaceful animal as we observed them.. Turning round and climbing the road fence to go to the other side of the road :)

Thruthfully, this is the first time ever I saw tapirs. Same as hubby. I think I usually saw them on stamps. I thought they are small creatures like a mousedeer or small goat. I never thought at then being bigger.. About maybe a teen rhino.. And such a rounded body haha..

Love this! I was so stunned and my hp was in my bag so haven't got time to snap some pics but have a look of the pic from there.. The tapirs look similar like those.

Continuing on our journey.. I pray that those tapir couple be safe. Would be very sad if they become roadkill victims.. But with developments and highways, their home is getting smaller. Bet these are just a few that still roam free.. Wish them safe journeys.
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