Friday, August 19, 2011

Farewell of a Beloved CEO

Yesterday, I went back to my HQ office for a brief meeting with my immediate boss. At 1130, there was an urgent assembly in which our beloved CEO would give his last farewell before being transfered to a sister agency. It was a sad occasion. He said he planned to retire here as it has been like a second home for him since 1994. All the staffs are like family to him.

However, he said in a positive note, being transferred means that people recognised our efforts and brands and they trust that our agency culture would assimilate to the other agency as well.

We all rushed to say farewell to him after the speech. Maybe he saw many red eyes and sad plus sombre expression in our faces, that he exclaim "you all nih".. And turn around for awhile to composed himself before turning to us again. Really felt sad till now still, can still see in my mind his glassy eyes and sadness. Don't worry Dato', we will always remember you and your kind of leadership we will try to emulate.

Anyway, the new CEO is good as well though her demands would ensure me to turn around and hide when she appeared hahahaha :P

Had the opportunity to congrates her on the Buka Puasa Night. She said that she wanted to see us again and discuss new KPIs for us. Yikes!!!! Hahahahaha.. Don't get me wrong.. I like her work ethic and quality of output she churns out.. But I have to admit I am not as hardworking as her... Hehehehe :P

Anyway.. To my two beloved CEOs.. Good Luck and Best of Luck! I know you would do your best and also bring the best to those around you!

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